The Actelion code of conduct is the foundation of our corporate culture and defines the core principles and ethical standards by which we create value in our company. It is the responsibility of every Actelion employee to be familiar with, and to comply with, our code of conduct.

We continue to be proactive in establishing policies and practices that support strong corporate governance and transparency. These policies and practices are continually reviewed and enhanced as appropriate.

In 2013, Actelion created an Ethics and Compliance committee. The committee is comprised of the following: Group Compliance Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Head of Global Quality Management, Head of Global Human Resources, Head of Global Clinical Development, Chief Operating Officer, the Group General Counsel and a Drug Discovery Representative.

The main tasks of the committee are the following:

  • Promote a culture that encourages professional conduct, respect for and compliance with Actelion's policies and procedures, and adherence to the laws and regulations that govern the business of the company.
  • Review and assess compliance matters identified by various functions within Actelion that have compliance-related responsibilities which may have a significant impact upon the business operations, financial performance or public image of the company.
  • Bring enterprise-level compliance risks to the attention of Actelion's senior management and Board of Directors, as appropriate, on a consolidated basis.
  • Monitor and report upon mitigation activities undertaken within Actelion to remediate identified compliance and ethics issues.
  • Review, monitor and make recommendations to senior management and the Board of Directors on corporate policies and practices with regard to applicable legal and regulatory requirements, industry standards, and the Actelion Code of Conduct.