We strive to maintain the highest ethical, scientific, and clinical standards in all our research activities and to comply with all national and international standards. Actelion regularly reviews its research policies to align them with its corporate values and goals, and with the evolving values and goals of its stakeholders.

Regulatory authorities around the world require pharmaceutical companies to test all new drugs before they are launched, and there is no alternative to including some animal testing as part of this process. It is essential both for scientific reasons and to safeguard the volunteers and patients who take part in subsequent clinical trials.

As a fundamental principle we support the ‘three R’s’ in relation to animal testing - the reduction of the number of tests undertaken; the refinement of those tests; and, ultimately, the replacement of animal testing by other methods. The number of animals used in drug development has dropped dramatically over the past three decades as a result of industry initiatives like this. Actelion revised and strengthened its policy on the care, welfare and treatment of animals in 2010 and we conduct regular audits to make sure that our expectations are being met, whether the studies are being conducted in-house or outsourced.