Peyronie’s (pronounced " pay-ROH-neez ") disease is the development of scar tissue, also known as a Peyronie’s plaque, under the skin of the penis, which causes it to bend or curve during an erection.

The first sign that men with Peyronie's disease may notice is a curve in their erect penis, while other men may notice lumps or nodules. Erections can also be painful due to inflammation or swelling. This stage (referred to as the ‘acute phase’) typically lasts from 6–18 months after which the pain usually goes away, but in most cases the curve will remain.

For many men with Peyronie's disease the impact goes beyond the physical symptoms and may affect their sexual, emotional and social wellbeing. Peyronie's disease can also affect the partners of men with the condition.

Treatment options are available which can improve the lives of patients with Peyronie's disease.